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    Classification of reactors

    Classify by structure and cooling medium, by connection method, by function, by purpose.
    1. according to the structure and cooling medium: divided into hollow, iron, dry, oil-immersed, etc., such as: dry air core reactor, dry iron core reactor, oil-immersed iron core reactance , oil-immersed air core reactor, clamped dry air core reactor, wrapped dry air core reactor, cement reactor, etc.
    2. press method: divided into shunt reactor and series reactor.
    3. according to the function: divided into current limit and compensation.
    4. according to the purpose: according to specific purposes subdivided, for example: current limiting reactor, filter reactor, smoothing reactor, power factor compensation reactor, series reactor, balanced reactor, grounding Reactor, arc suppression coil, line reactor, line reactor, saturable reactor, self-saturation reactor, variable reactor (tunable reactor, controllable reactor), yoke current reactor, series resonant reactance , parallel resonant reactors, etc.
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